Frank Baldauf

Frank Baldauf

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Udo Baldauf

Udo Baldauf
Fotograf, Beleuchtungsmeister

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Clarity and depth speak from the phtography of brothers Frank and Udo Baldauf.

The targeted light source lend Baldauf & Baldaufs pictures their perfection, no matter if they be about architecture, products or portraiture.

Years of lighting experiences in great theatres and opera houses, such as the Bayreuther Festival, as well as television broadcasters NDR and ARTE, are displayed in the photographs.

Over the last ten years the two photographers have worked for many leading companies, including Volkswagen, Schott-Zwiesel Kristallglas, Wempe and the Baukonzern Klebl.

Renowned insitiutions such as the Sachsen Ministry for Economy and Work, the Bavarian Ministry for Education and Culture, Sciene and Art, and the Sachsen Aufbau Bank, are convinced by the quality of the photographs.

Newspapers like the Süddeutsche Zeitung trust the imagery from Baldauf & Baldauf.

Major exhibitions value the photographs from Baldauf & Baldauf. The Flossenbürg Memor exhibitions appreciate the photographs from Baldauf & Baldauf. The en orial, which they photographically documented, received the Bavarian Museum Prize.

A private studio with the most profphotographs, received the Bavarian Museum Prize.essional editing technology, make possible the highest level of products, advertising and photographed images.d insitiutions for Ecenomy and Workrs have worked for many leading companies, including


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